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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: 27 Special and Unique Hen Party Ideas for Your Bride Bestie

5 Simple Steps to hold a hen party

One of the most meaningful milestones in a bride’s wedding journey is her bachelorette party. That is why throwing her a fete so enjoyable and unforgettable will ensure that she will have something to fondly look back at and talk about for the years to come. If you have been tasked (as the bride’s MOH or BFF) to plan an event this important, there are four Fs that you should consider: fun, fashion, food, and favors.

- The first step is to choose a theme close to the bride’s heart and then make it magical. It can be her favorite activity or something that she has been wanting to do in forever. Add in some games and activities to make it extra entertaining.

- Next, choose the party’s dress code. Fashion is important as this one will set the mood for how the bash will unfold – if it is laidback and casual, ask the bride and the girls to wear their favorite comfy clothes. If you have a formal and more luxurious celebration in mind, chic dresses are a must – something CICINIA can help you with.

- Another essential element is the food – light and yummy with some bubbly for you do not want a hangry and grumpy bridal gang. You can have it catered or have your chosen venue include it in the package.

- Lastly, think of a gift to cap off the special day, a memento of the beautiful bonding that the group has shared.

If you’re at a loss for a bachelorette party theme that is one for the books, here are some awesome and unique concepts you can do.

27 Exceptional Bachelorette Party Ideas

1.Bride Party Favors

You're going to want to let the bride know that this day is all about her. Hence, be sure to get some party favors for her. You can always go with something as simple as a bottle of the bride's favorite wine. Then again, a custom gift like a tumbler, T-shirt, or hat personalized with a name, might be a better fit.

bridal party favors

2.Wine It Up

Cheers to happily ever after! Nothing's more perfect than celebrating the bride over a glass of fine vino. A wine tasting activity is a treat for the senses, truly a delightful affair. You can learn more about diverse types of wine (and the food they pair well with) while sharing wonderful stories with your best girlfriends. Check out nearby vineyards as they usually offer wine tasting tours. If you prefer to stay within the city, some clubs offer private and personalized wine masterclass sessions.

wine it up for hen party

3.Custom Lip Balms

Custom lip balms all around should be a big hit. It doesn't matter whether the guests are males, females, or other genders. Everyone's lips need to be moisturized and nourished from time to time. Make or have sleeves made to go around lip balms that say something catchy like, "Bride Tribe" or "This Wedding Will Be The Balm."

hen party ideas of Custom Lip Balms

4.Temporary Tattoos

Obviously, you can't ask everyone coming to the party to get real tattoos. However, you can ask them to wear temporary tattoos you have created. The pieces should say something clever and witty like, "If I'm lost, find my allies! Bachelorette Party Attendee." You can get everyone to wear them on their wrists. Or, a more relaxed approach of wearing the tattoo wherever one wants might be a better fit.

hen party ideas of Temporary Tattoos

5.BAR-chelorette Party

If you are after something interactive and more laidback but still want alcohol in the mix, a cocktail mixing class is a way to go. Arrange for a mixologist to teach the group how to shake, stir, and create your choice cocktails at your favorite bar or even at your own place. Make a signature drink for the bride (or the couple) which they can serve at the wedding reception.

bar-chelorette party for hen party

6.Custom Hangover Kits

The kind of things that happen at bachelorette parties varies. Yet, one item that typically rings true in most cases is that many in attendance will be drinking alcoholic beverages and cutting loose. Therefore, why not give guests something that could come in handy the next morning, like custom hangover kits? They are cute ideas for after all the festivities are through and people need to cure what ails them.

hen party ideas of Custom Hangover Kits

7.Have A Themed Party

Guests can't wear bridesmaids' dresses to bachelorette parties, and brides certainly can't wear their wedding gowns. So, why not have a themed party. For example, you could have everybody dress up in 80's or 90's attire. Or, providing costumes to people is an option too. Then, you can rest easy knowing guests will be dressed the same and your party's theme will be safe.

have a themd party for hen party

8.A Karaoke Night

Are you and your bunch all about singing and having a good time? If that's the case, a karaoke bachelorette party could be perfect. Then, those in attendance, including yourself and the guest of honor, will be able to belt out favorite tunes. Rent out an establishment or have the ordeal at home to keep all of the fun and games amongst friends, or take the show on the road to a local bar to let others play.

a karaoke night for hen party

9.Make It A Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can make a bachelorette party spicy, to say the least. For instance, you could ask those playing to obtain a condom from a guy at a club. Meanwhile, another item on the list of things to do can be to get someone to buy you a drink. This game is sure to keep everyone on their toes throughout the evening, as they'll continually be on the lookout for items. If you're trying to bring folks together and promote teamwork, a scavenger hunt could do the trick.

10.Charter A Boat

Chartering a boat can be the perfect solution for a night out of just you and the girls. Companies providing these services offer different things, so you'll need to shop around to find exactly what you're looking for, like strippers, open bars, or a poker night. Then again, if the bride and guests are all about fishing, chartering a boat for a deep-sea fishing trip may be perfect.

charter a boat for hen party

11.Take The Party To A Strip Club

Okay, so strip clubs aren't for everyone. However, when it comes to bachelor/bachelorette parties, the establishments are pretty much mainstays. Sometimes, dancers do not get fully nude, but on other occasions, they do. Also, some companies are BYOB, while others serve alcohol. Thus, be sure to research and book with a place that will accommodate your party's particular needs.

Take The hen Party To A Strip Club

12.Go Big Or Go Home With Las Vegas

This idea may be out of your price range, and that's fine, but it's still worth mentioning. After all, how's that saying going again? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If your bachelorette party funds aren't too limited, consider getting guests plane tickets for a night in Las Vegas. Then, you and your people can remain entertained by gambling, tacking in shows, and more.

Go Big Or Go Home With Las Vegas for hen party

13.Dinner And Drinks

So, a crazy night with strippers isn't appropriate. How about dinner and drinks? First, take your guests for dinner. Choose a classy place or one a little more low-scale. The choice is yours. Then, after everybody gets full, head to a bar where beer, wine, and spirits are sold. After the drinks take the edge off, guests will be able to converse about old times, the future, or something completely different.

Dinner And Drinks for hen party

14.Party Bus

If you've never been on a party bus, you don't know what you're missing. Basically, these are large motor vehicles, typically buses or coaches, that are transformed for dancing. Many individuals suggest party buses have atmospheres that feel like those of nightclubs. This is a solution that will ensure nobody in the group will be drinking and driving because they'll have a chauffeur for the evening.

Party Bus<

15.Volunteer Day

Is the bride you're hosting the bachelorette party for all about giving back? Why not turn the party into a volunteer day if that's the case. You, the bride, and your friends can serve the homeless at a soup kitchen or help build a house via a group like a Habitat for Humanity. You'll be doing your part to help those in need, which will make the soon-to-be wife happy, and that's what it is all about.

volunteer day

16.A Staycation At A Bed And Breakfast

Speaking of weekend getaways, a bed and breakfast is an excellent pick for a little mini staycation. It will give you and those in your party a place to rest your weary heads after taking in the sights and exploring a location of your choosing. This venture will give everyone a chance to bond before the wedding.

Staycation At A Bed And Breakfast

17.Colors of Love

Bring out your artistic flair through a painting session with the crew. Book a studio, hire a teacher, prepare your tools, and let your creative juices flow. A painting party is a fantastic way to learn a new skill. Create masterpieces inspired by the bride and surprise her with a set of artworks at the end of the session. Don’t forget to bring food and wine!

Colors of Love

Image source:Bee Happy Events

18.The Great Bridal Bake Off

Here’s a sweet surprise for the whole bride squad – a good old baking battle! Inject some friendly competition by forming two groups and challenge them to bake the most delicious treat which the bride will judge by the end of the day. Don’t know how to bake? Turn it into a baking lesson instead. With the help of a professional, the participants can create naughty and nice baked goods which they can take home as the day’s favor.

The Great Bridal Bake Off

Image source:Lady Berry Cupcakes School

19.Brews and Blends

Classy and cozy, a formal tea party hosted at home or a friend’s garden can be a fancy way to dress up and please a miss before she becomes a Mrs. Aside from different varieties of teas, serve decadent desserts, biscuits, cakes, and sandwiches. Encourage everyone to come in their best tea party attire. CICINA has a wide range of dainty and feminine short dresses just right for this.

Brews and Blends

Image source:westcottageblog

20.Charming Ceramics

Pottery-making is another cool, creative, and casual way to delight a bride and her friends before the wedding day. There are pottery studios that offer private classes which include assistance from an expert as well as actual firing and glazing of your ceramic creations. Keep the pieces as giveaways or gift them to the bride – you set the rules.

Charming Ceramics

Image source:thetouringpotter

21.Pampered Princess

If there is anything a bride truly deserves before she ties the knot, it’s a day of lavish and topnotch pampering with her nearest and dearest. A great spa day with the girls must include the most relaxing massages, lush facials, and nourishing cuticle care. Sigh-inducing, for sure. And the best thing? You can DIY this at home!

Pampered Princess

Image source:thespacw

22.Flicks and Chicks

If the budget is a little too tight, there are still ways how to pull off an awesome bash for your BFF bride. A movie marathon at home featuring her favorite romantic movies will do the trick. Something simple yet thoughtful and sweet. Don the jammies and fuzzy slippers and bring out the popcorn, it’s going to be a long and cozy night.

Flicks and Chicks

Image source:unetablebytania

23.Online Affair

Bringing a group of people with different schedules can be a bit of a challenge which is why as an organizer, one should be adaptable and a bit innovative. During these digital times, an online bachelorette party should also be considered. You can make it more interesting by setting a theme and dress code, hosting games, and sending food via delivery to the participants.

Online Affair

Image source:smashingtheglass

24.Girls Gone Glamping

If your bride is the outdoorsy type, a glamping trip will surely make her remaining days as a single woman extra special. The group can spend a night in a glamorous tent (complete with necessary amenities), gather around a campfire and share nostalgic stories, and revel in freshly-prepared food while being close to nature. An ideal retreat before she says “I do.”

Girls Gone Glamping

Image source: catherineeeh

25.Pretty Fit

Exhale the bad vibes by herding all the girls to the yoga studio for a day of meditation and mindfulness. This activity could be helpful to the bride when managing the onslaught of stress before the big day. Prepare complementary healthy meals like big batches of salads, colorful smoothies, and power bars.

Pretty Fit

Image source:bridevibeyoga

26.The Bling Ring

It’s all about the arts! Create your one-of-a-kind accessories and wedding bling through a day of crafting. Run to the nearest crafts store, pick designs, and DIY the day away.

The Bling Ring

Image source:Shop Trendz

27.Easy and Intimate

Juggling schedules, booking venues, and making arrangements with many people can be a bit taxing that’s why an intimate dinner at home can always be an option as a send-off for your bride bestie—just the truest of friends, heartwarming conversations, good food, and lots of memories.

Easy and Intimate

Final Words

Organizing your best friend’s last hurrah might not be easy, but not impossible. Our parting tip is to get your inspiration from the bride herself – her personality, what makes her happy, her favorites, and preferences. You can then move on from there. It doesn't have to be grand -- something that is personal, well-planned, and well-thought-of is enough to make the day extremely memorable.


1. How do you plan a good hens night?

Having a good hens party is achievable if you come up with a plan. The first thing you must do is to talk to the bride, to have at least an idea of what she is expecting. Next is to plan the guest list – know their details and how they met with the bride. This will also give you a rough idea of the budget you have to prepare. Note down everything on a spreadsheet to help you keep on track of your expenses.

2. When should a hens night be held?

Planning the hen's night must be done ahead of time. As for the event itself, it can be done a few days before the wedding, but not ton the night before the wedding. If the gap between the planning and the event date is long, you have to consider and make sure that the weather will not ruin the party.

3. Do bridesmaids pay for anything?

Bridesmaids paying for anything for the wedding varies from different parties. Some would pay for the bridesmaids' dresses. But mostly, bridesmaids pay for their dresses and accessories. Though it might not be required, some bridesmaids also prepare shower gifts at their own expense. Some other bills for the shower are also split up among the bridesmaids, such as cists for decor, food, and activities.