Summer Wedding Tips - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses

Summer Wedding Tips - The Perfect Colour For Bridesmaid Dresses


Summer Wedding

Summer is the most popular time to get married, and with good reason. Not only do you have access to the best selection of wedding venues, but the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like cocktail hours and garden parties. If you're planning a summer wedding, it's important to remember that air conditioning is a necessity. This is especially true if you plan to host your reception indoors and don't want your guests sweating all over their formal attire. During the ceremony, your guests will also appreciate some shade, especially if you plan to tie the knot outside. Ensure every guest is comfortable by providing shade tents or parasols for those seated in direct sunlight. Outdoor weddings are incredibly romantic but can be ruined by certain types of weather. Make sure you have a backup plan for rain or extreme heat so all of your guests can be accommodated inside if necessary. Despite what your mother may tell you, it's perfectly acceptable to plan an evening wedding in the summertime. You'll have more options when it comes to unique venues and outdoor activities if you decide to mix things up with an evening reception instead of a traditional daytime affair.

Bridesmaid dresses are not the easiest thing to get right. You want to choose a colour that suits everyone's skin tone and goes well with your wedding theme. It can be hard to find a colour that does all of this and also fits in with the season, but fear not! We have done all the hard work for you and found the perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses in summer.

Dark Navy

If your colour palette is going to be bold, consider a darker shade like this one. It's versatile enough to work with anything from an airy tulle skirt to or chiffon maxi dress, but you should keep it simple if you want to make it stand out. This dress features minimal details like a low V-neckline and draping sleeves to avoid its overall silhouette. It also has pockets (need we say more?)

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Sage Green

Sage green is another excellent colour that will look great insage green bridesmaid dresses at a summertime wedding. It's soft but still has some personality to it, which makes it perfect for a bridesmaid dress. Sage green bridesmaid dresses can be paired with a variety of colours from pink and lavender or even turquoise and blue for a truly unique look that will be sure to impress your guests.


Lilac is both light-hearted and romantic, which makes it a fantastic choice for bridesmaids in your summer wedding! Lilac goes well with multiple colours (try pairing lilac bridesmaid dresses with blush pink or pale blue), so you have lots of options when it comes time to decide.

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Sky Blue

Sky blue has been trending for many years now. It has always been associated with clear skies, representing serenity, depth, and stability. This colour would look beautiful on everyone! Pairing this with blush pink would make all your bridesmaids feel like princesses! The peach-pink shade complements all skin tones, while the freshness of blue will brighten up.


Taupe is a natural, earthy colour that exudes warmth. It is the perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses in the warm summer months, as it will make sure your bridal party doesn't look washed out or sweaty. Taupe has a timeless elegance and is a great way to tie in with your wedding theme. If you're having a beach wedding, taupe can be great for complimenting the fair tones of your bridesmaids but also for contrasting with any natural elements used in the decor. If you're planning on having an outdoor summer wedding, taupe can also look great when used alongside natural accents such as wood or stone. However, if you want to make these colours stand out, using taupe is a great way to add balance and cohesion to your overall wedding theme.

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Flamingo is a highly versatile colour that allows for several different styles and vibes. A flamingo can be as bright or as muted as you want it to be, and it's an effortless colour to mix and match with other colours. For example, if you're not sure about having all the bridesmaids in pink, you can mix in neutral tones like cream, white and silver. A very sophisticated look features layers of different shades of pink, such as light pink chiffon complemented by a darker shade of pink satin. This will create a striking look that will complement any pre-existing theme you have in mind. Flamingo is also a great colour to use if you want to create a romantic look as it's soft and feminine and has a whimsical feel.

Mint Green

Mint green can be a difficult colour to pull off, but it's perfect for any summer wedding. A light and refreshing colour, mint is ideal for the warmer months when most bridesmaids wear mint green bridesmaid dresses. However, there are many different shades of mint green, so make sure you choose one that suits your individual bridesmaids best. If you're unsure which shade is best for your girls; you can always find a dressmaker who specialises in custom bridesmaid dresses and has them made using fabric samples. If you choose this option, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to ensure everything is ready for the big day .




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Traditionally, bridesmaid dresses are chosen to complement the bride's gown. As bridesmaids are generally selected for their significance to the bride, the dress should represent this. Particularly if you are having a summer wedding, bridesmaid dresses should also reflect this season. If you want a more unconventional look, consider choosing bright summer colours for your wedding party's attire. Orange is an excellent choice for several reasons. The first is that orange is warm and fun. Orange is the colour of fire, so it immediately brings warmth to your wedding party and will look great in all those summer photos.

Metallic Gold

Metallic gold is the perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses in summer because it is a neutral colour that will go with any other summer colour. You can also choose to mix and match metallic gold with different colours. If you are looking for a sexy look for your bridesmaid dresses in summer, you should try metallic gold. This very chic colour will make your bridesmaids stand out from the crowd at any event. The great thing about this type of dress is that it is not too flashy and will make your guests feel very comfortable. It can be worn as a mini dress or even as a full-length gown if you want to add a bit of personality to your wedding. Metallic gold is also one of the most affordable colours for wedding dresses. There are many styles and designs available in this colour, so there are plenty of options. One of the best things about metallic gold is that it matches almost every other colour in your wardrobe. This means that you do not have to worry about having too many different colours of bridesmaid dresses in one place. If you plan to use this type of dress for your wedding, you can also wear them all year round without having them.

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The perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses in summer is coral! Coral has been one of the most popular colours this season, and it looks great in the summer sun. We have many different shades of coral in our collection, and our bridesmaid dresses are available in many different styles to suit your bridesmaids. You can choose a dress that shows off their shoulders with a halter neck, or you can opt for a one-shoulder dress which will be very elegant! Another popular option is to have each of your bridesmaids wear different styles of bridesmaid dresses but all in the same shade of coral. Coral is such a beautiful shade, and it looks fantastic on any skin tone or hair colour. It's also a great choice if you want to add some excitement to your wedding without going overboard - it's bright enough without being too intense! We recommend pairing this colour with white or ivory flowers and gold accents like jewellery or table linens.

Wrapping Up

With so many colour options from which to choose, and their popularity effectively guaranteed for a long time to come, dresses with this colour palette are entirely appropriate for any summer wedding. In addition to being beautiful, these colours also provide a wide range of choices as far as complementary accessories go. Pair them with bright or muted jewellery, or even let your bridesmaids wear their styles. The possibilities here range almost without limit. Check here for more inspirations for choosing bridesmaid dresses according to seasons.